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PorkChain is a project devised by Zertifier, in collaboration with the DMRI (Danish Meat Research Institute).
The Project achieved the E-Tech award for innovation 2019.


PorkChain offers the pork sector a platform to digitize the management and control of processes, replacing physical documents (the Transport Guides) with standardized digital documents. At the same time, thanks to BlockChain technology, PorkChain certifies the veracity of the information in an automatic and agile way, avoids manipulation and allows to identify the agent responsible for entering the information.


The information and transactions are stored encrypted in Blockchain, the unalterable and most secure data system existing today and perfectly adapted to address the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.


In order to be a part of the PorkChain platform, each participant in the chain (farms, veterinarians, slaughterhouses and transporters) must be certified and have an identity created in an Ethereum Wallet and verified by the platform administrator. The different procedure steps are signed securely from a mobile APP. Certified identities can be granted for a limited time or revoked at any time by the competent Authority.


A smart contract certifies that the digital signatures of the actors are real, immutable and add a time stamp, through transactions to the Blockchain, replacing the current paper-based system.


Compatibility with current systems is guaranteed by communication through API with the corresponding Government department, to obtain the guide code.


The status of the guides can be consulted, in real time, by the different participants and allows a paper document to be generated at any time in an identical format to the current one.


Information homogeneity.
The platform digitizes the record of information processes following a common traceability for all agents participating in the process, thus facilitating the introduction and availability of data.


Availability of information on the platform in a uniform way.


Transparency, thanks to the accessibility to the available information.
Guarantee of compliance with the regulations, due to the immutability of the information provided that allows to certify and monitor the processes in real time.


Improvement of the quality of animal transport, since having truthful and transparent information allows auditing the transport and taking corrective measures if necessary.


Increased efficiency. Having digital and certified information minimizes errors.


Co-responsibility of the service, since the platform allows the implementation of traceability in all sections, which makes each of the parties responsible for the fulfillment of their duties and obligations.


Verifiability of the information. Through smart contracts, the information available on the platform can be verified without the need for a trusted third party. This enables the generation of certificates to be automated, saving time and effort.


Creation of a reliable environment. Providing a single reliable source eliminates the possibility of manipulating the data, increasing the confidence of the agents.


Data immutability. Any attempt to alter the data is immediately rejected by the system.


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